The Shower Step

Prom / Debs Checklist

Well ladies, Debs season has arrived again! It’s a night when every girl deserves to feel like an Elevease Princess so follow our quick checklist to guarantee you have a night to remember.

Dress – there are so many different styles available so try on loads to make sure you find your dream dress. Hunt around for a good price as there are tons of bargains to find. Don’t forget alterations can be made … sleeves can be removed, hems can be taken up but leave the dress with the tailor plenty of time in advance to avoid any fretting!

Accessories – these little gems set the outfit off, bringing it from nice to stunning! Again don’t forget to shop around. It’s Debs night so the more glitter the better. Don’t forget a pair on comfy fold-up flats for when those sky scrapping heels get too painful!

Date – he’s your prince charming for the night so pick wisely girlies. Make sure to ask someone who you have fun with!

Hair and makeup – whether it’s a DIY job or you’re getting it professionally done go for a trial run a week or so before the day itself. This gives you the chance to change your mind from an up-do to straight/ curly or from dramatic eyes to bold lips.

Skin – soft, sexy skin is a must for the night! Get into the routine of exfoliating and moisturizing a few weeks before the main event. For all your shaving, tanning, nail clipping and painting requirements don’t forget to use your trusty Elevease in the corner of your shower unit.

Have a fun filled fantastic night!!

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