The Shower Step

This summer’s beauty essentials

First things first, Moisturiser! Now you might be thinking ‘Of course I’ll use moisturiser, it’s a daily essential’
Well ladies, its summer time and that for many of us means sun, sun, sun! The UV emitted by the earth’s sun causes our fragile skin to dry up so it is important to keep your skin nice and moisturised. Just think of all the benefits:

  • Healthy Glow
  • No Dryness
  • Smooth lines

Sun Cream
Darlings, the number one essential while on your hollibops is SUN CREAM! It is important to apply regularly, especially if you’re in and out of the pool! So don’t forget the trusty factor 30!

Hair Oil
Naturally enough, your hair gets dried out by the sun’s rays too. To help your hair keep its lovely, silky shine, do it a favour, pop some oil in it! Now I’m not talking about the extra virgin olive oil in the cupboard, purchase some Argan oil and rub it into your hair from just shy of the root (you don’t want to look greasy). Lather a good bit into the roots, prevent any split ends!

Fake Tan
Girlies, if you’re not going on a summer holiday or just burn while away, stick to the classic fake tan and while you’re at it why not use your trusty Elevease Shower Step to make sure you don’t miss a spot!

The Holy Grail
Now girls, if you’re thinking to yourselves, Miss Elevease, this is a lot of product to go out and purchase for three months! Don’t panic, I have the solution. Coconut oil! That’s right ladies, the holy grail of products in the beauty world! Not only is it nice to eat, it acts as a moisturiser, a hair mask and even better… removes makeup!
Coconut oil is a natural product enriched with goodness!

So there you have it ladies, Miss ElevEase’ top summer essentials! And remember, if in doubt, coconut oil! Just don’t use it as a sun cream, it WON’T WORK!