ElevEase - Improve your shower experience

ElevEase – The Shower Step was born out of sheer frustration. A problem needed to be solved…the awkward task of shaving one’s legs in the shower. This is how the problem was solved.

Aoife O’ Driscoll (23), Sales and Marketing Director came up with the concept of the Shower Step while in her second year in college.

She met Dave Brennan (a bit older), Managing Director and discussed her plans while interviewing the successful entrepreneur as part of a college assignment. Dave instantly recognized that the idea had great potential.

He then met Andrew Middleton (a gentleman never reveals his age), Design and Technical Director. Together they designed the ElevEase Shower Step. That is how ElevEase -The Shower Step came to life.

After launching the ElevEase Shower Step, the response has been fantastic. We have noticed a huge amount of repeat customers who are purchasing for their friends as gifts and we have learned that ElevEase not only solves the problem of shaving your legs in the shower, it is also great for exfoliating, tanning, moisturizing and leg and foot care in general.

ElevEase also helps pregnant ladies, people with back pain, low mobility and arthritis etc. We never thought ElevEase would be such a trooper from the outset.

They say the simplest ideas are the best. We are working hard on bringing new, simple and innovative products to you in order to “Make Life Easy”.