4 Simple Ways to Remove Fake Tan

Hands up who’s had a fake tan disaster in their life? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s too dark, too light,
too streaky, or if you’re FRIENDS Fans, “The one where Ross keeps tanning one side”, we’ve all had that
moment where we have put this solution on our bodies and refuse to step out of the house for days until it
disappears. Well I’m here to share with you some of my top remedies for removing those blemishes so
that you don’t have to hide away!

(1) The Old Tradition

Mix lemon juice and sugar and and rub all over the troublesome zones. Do this for a couple of
minutes, then wash it off and moisturise thoroughly afterward to avoid dry areas.

(2) Oil-Based Exfoliator

Get an oil-based fine-grained body scrub and apply it directly onto dry skin. Massage this solution
into your skin for a couple of minutes before hopping into the shower and washing it down. The
Elevease Shower Step will help you tackle awkward areas around the legs and feet.

(3) Take a Bath

After all the stress of your tan going wrong. Take some time out that will not only calm you but aid
the issue. Bath your body in the hot water with body oil mixed in. After a couple of minutes, take a
tanning mit and start rubbing the affected areas in circular motions. You should notice the tan
dissolving whilst relaxing in a hot soak. Don’t forget some scented candles for effect.

(4) Industry Experts

Some tanning brands have introduced tanning wipes and tanning mits to remove tan. The St Tropez
Tan Build Up Remover Mit is a particularly good one to try.

So there you have it, four simple ways to eradicate those fake tan disasters. Don’t hide away, get out and
enjoy yourself!

Until Next Time,
Ms Elevease

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