5 Tips for Successful Leg Shaving

Do you shave your legs upwards, do you start shaving as soon as your skin is wet? STOP and read below.

Here is how we all should be shaving our legs in the shower:

  1. Before we pick up the razor, we must ensure to hydrate the hair with warm water for 3 minutes or longer if you have time. This softens the hair making it easier to shave and leaving a better result.
  1. Rest your foot on the ElevEase Shower Step and apply shaving gel to the area that you wish to shave.
  1. Shave your leg downward, in the direction that your hair grows. Indeed you may feel that going “against the grain” gives you a better result but it does however open you up to chances of irritation, nicks and cuts, which is not the look us ladies are trying to achieve…
  1. Before stepping out of the shower, switch the thermostat to cool, rest your foot on the ElevEase and rinse your legs down to close the pores.
  1. Once your showering experience is complete, step out and pat dry before applying your body moisturiser.

Until next time,
Miss. Elevease