Why do athletes shave their legs?

With the 2016 Olympic games in full swing, I’ve noticed that many of the athletes competing have super shiny, smooth legs…so I decided to explore this trend a little further and who would have thought it but there ARE many benefits to be had from shaving your legs in sports:

1 – It’s more aesthetically pleasing.
2 – Facilitates therapeutic massage which is part of an athletes training and post training routines.
3 – Prevents athletes experiencing pain when they take the protective tape off their bodies.
4 – Impacts actual performance.

Equipped with this new found information, I decided to delve into some particular sports where hair removal is most common:


Studies have shown that removing body hair in its entirety has quite a substantial affect on a swimmers performance. A study in the American College of Sports Medicine identified that those who were freshly shaven had a reduction in blood lactate, a decrease VO2 and an increase stroke length.


There are 3 key reasons why cyclists remove hair from their bodies, particularly their legs.

1 – Road Crashes
2 – Massages
3 – Spandex

Having hairless legs makes it easier to clean wounds if a cyclist is in an accident. As I mentioned above, it also makes it more comfortable for the athlete when he/she is having their therapeutic massage as there is no hair being pulled. You will also notice that cyclists tend to wear spandex which for those of you who have worn this ensemble before will know that it is quite painful to take off with body hair!


Similar to swimming, the removal of hair does impact the performance of runners by seconds as studies have shown and those of you watching the Olympics this year will know that every second counts.


Interestingly Wrestlers remove hair to prevent chaffing and painful rashes occurring during tournaments.

So there you have it, I think all the Olympic athletes should invest in an Elevease Shower Step what about you?

Until next time,
Ms. Elevease