Foot Care 101

Foot Care 101

Foot hygiene is important and it turns out many people are missing the extra step of washing their feet in the shower. The ElevEase Shower Step is the perfect accessory to make this “chore” easy, comfortable and quick since it saves you from all of the bending, stretching and balancing that normally is involved with reaching down to your feet.

Follow these easy guidelines at home to maintain clean and soft feet.

1) Wash your feet with soap daily. The tops, the bottoms, the heels and between the toes.

2) Take off your toenail polish at least every two weeks and let your nails be polish-free for at least a few days. 

3) Don’t go barefoot in public places to prevent athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. 

4) Moisturize the tops, bottoms, and heels of your feet (but not between the toes) daily to prevent calluses.

These tips not only leave your feet feeling soft, nice & clean, but can also keep you from foot fungus and other infections.


Transform your shower into a home spa and GET YOUR ELEVEASE SHOWER STEP TODAY!

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