Fits Seamlessly With Your Shower And Bathroom 

The ElevEase Shower Step comes with everything you need to install.  Our specially formulated adhesive ensures the step does not slip or move under pressure unlike many of the suction cup alternatives. The shower step fits neatly into the 90° degree corner of your shower taking only minutes to install with no tools required.

ElevEase is a universal global product designed to fit at a 90° degree angle. Be sure to test your shower corner angles before purchasing. It Is NOT Suitable For CURVED or ROUNDED Shower Walls.

Install On Your Own In 3 Easy Steps

  • Generously Apply Adhesive
  • Hold To The Corner Of Your Shower For 3 Minutes 
  • Leave For 24 hours to Dry   

How to Remove the ElevEase:

Use warm soapy water together with a wall paper scraper or similar item. Pour the warm soapy water over the back of the unit to allow the adhesive become pliable to make the adhesive soft, insert the wall paper scraper between the ElevEase Shower Step and the tile wall and gently prize the shower step away from the wall. Once removed, you will be left with a residue of the adhesive on the wall/tile and on the back of the ElevEase Shower Step. This residue can be easily removed using the soapy water and the paper scraper, leaving the wall tiles smooth and clean


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