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ElevEase Shower Step

ElevEase Shower Step

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The ElevEase Shower Step not only offers the ultimate comfort and safety in your shower, but also transforms your shower into a luxurious spa experience.

This shower accessory is ideally sized, and its ergonomic design fits perfectly at a 90° angle, saving you space while providing the stability and comfort you seek.


The ElevEase Shower step ONLY works for showers/baths with 90° corners. Not suitable for curved showers.


Item Weight:‎ 1.21 lb | 0.5 kg
Product Dimensions:‎ 6.69 x 6.69 x 9.06 in  | 16.9 cm x 16.9 cm x 23 cm

Shower compatibility

The ElevEase is renter friendly and comes with adhesive, which can be easily removed using warm water and a scraper. It comes with simple instructions and once followed will not in any way damage your shower environment.

NOTE: Be sure to test your shower corner angles before purchasing. The ElevEase iIt is NOT suitable for CURVED or ROUNDED shower walls. It is ONLY compatible with showers/baths with 90° corners.


All delivery is FREE worldwide!

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How to install/remove

The ElevEase Shower Step is renter friendly and comes with everything you need to install.  Our specially formulated adhesive ensures the step does not slip or move under pressure unlike many of the suction cup alternatives. The shower step takes only minutes to install with no tools required. Removing it is just as easy, with no marks left on the shower tile. Check out our "Install" page for a guide to installing and removing the shower step.

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Renter Friendly
  • Easy to install & remove
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Customer Reviews

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Uniqua Hardy
Changed shaving forever!

The ElevEase shower step has made shaving in the shower so much easier and convenient. I can’t imagine ever shaving without it.

An At-Home Spa Experience

Discover the simplicity and joy of leg care with ElevEase. Our innovative shower step makes it easier than ever to pamper your skin right at home. With ElevEase, every shower becomes a home spa experience.

ElevEase Shower Step Product Picture

The ElevEase is the #1 shower accessory designed to make leg care a breeze. Experience comfort and ease while exfoliating, washing your feet, painting your toe nails, shaving your legs, and more.

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