ElevEase Shower Step

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The ElevEase Shower Step not only offers the ultimate comfort and safety in your shower, but also transforms your shower into a luxurious spa experience.

This shower accessory is ideally sized, and its ergonomic design fits perfectly at a 90° angle, saving you space while providing the stability and comfort you seek.


The ElevEase Shower step ONLY works for showers/baths with 90° corners. Not suitable for curved showers.

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It’s A Breeze With ElevEase

  • No more awkward bending and stretching.
  • Specially formulated adhesive included.
  • No tools required!

Customer Testimonials

Works just as it should...a great compliment to the shower without being in the way as a chair or stool might be. 

- Tom J

Wish I would have found this years ago. This has been a back saver. It was easy to install, the adhesive is amazingly strong. 

- Kim M

Perfect size foot step for shaving! So easy to install. Like the holder for the razor.

- Lori

Saved my life in my shower!  You put this up to your knee height when standing and then it’s at the perfect height to shave! 

- Laura, 7 Months Pregnant

Product Specifications

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American and Canadian orders are all shipped locally by our partners in California. If you are ordering from anywhere else in the world, your order will be shipped from our main office in Dublin, Ireland.

What Is ElevEase

ElevEase is the number one shower foot rest providing a safe & secure way to care for your legs and feet.

When To Use

Use it when shaving, tanning, washing, exfoliating, moisturising, massaging, nail clipping, applying nail varnish, etc. 

Who Is ElevEase For

ElevEase is for everyone, both men and women, who want to make leg and foot care in the shower easier. It is especially great for pregnant ladies, people with back pain, low mobility and arthritis.

How To Install

The ElevEase Shower Step is quick and easy to install and comes with everything you need. No tools required!